Coronavirus Information Center

Last updated: March 30, 2020

We are taking necessary steps to serve the needs of our partners, borrowers and employees during this public health event.

Mortgage Relief/Hardship Information

Those affected by COVID-19 may qualify for mortgage assistance or relief. If you are suffering a hardship due to the current public health situation, please call our servicing department to discuss your options:  1-800-766-5626. You can also email Kathleen Nystrom, our director of loan servicing, at

Servion & Minnesota’s Shelter-in-Place Order

Servion is a Minnesota-based company. On March 25, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz issued a stay-at-home order (Executive Order 20-20), effective March 27 through April 10. Under the order, businesses in Critical Sectors are allowed to remain open. Financial Services is a Critical Sector under the order.

Does Servion provide a “Critical” service under the order? Under the order, financial services includes banks, credit unions, insurance companies and other financial institutions. While we are neither a bank nor a credit union, we provide critical services to these institutions and their clients. As such, The Servion Group and its component businesses are part of the financial services industry and qualify as Critical under the executive order.

What does this mean for you? As a critical business, The Servion Group will continue to provide you with service and support during this unprecedented time. 

Information for Borrowers - Payment Instructions

The inner doors to our lobby are locked until further notice, effective March 19th. To drop off a payment, please enter the outer door, then use the payment dropbox located to your left.

Please consider paying your mortgage online. Registering for online payment is easy:

  1. Click Access My Mortgage.
  2. Click “Register – First Time Users Must Register”.
  3. Enter your loan number and Social Security number, then click Continue.

You will receive a confirmation email containing a link. Click the link in the email to activate your online account. Once activated, you can make your payment online, 24/7, without leaving the house or mailing a check.

If you would like assistance registering for online payment or have other questions, please call us at 1-800-766-5626.

Information for Our Partners

Servion recognizes that our team is relied upon by hundreds of credit unions and community banks around the country. As such, we are taking steps to ensure that our employees are able to perform their duties with minimal disruption to you during this health event. We are:

  • Implementing work-from-home effective immediately for most employees.
  • For Minnesota partners, implementing a title closing process that complies with social distancing recommendations.
  • In regular communication with employees regarding the spread of COVID-19.
  • Providing hand sanitizer throughout the office to help prevent the spread of the virus.
  • Conducting nightly and as-required cleaning of our facility to reduce potential impact.

Cybersecurity is a priority at all times, and the remote environment is no exception. As our employees work from home, rest assured that the personal information we gather while serving you is protected to the highest degree. Secure VPNs, multifactor authentication and similar measures are all being used to ensure the integrity of our information systems at all times.

Retail partner question: My borrowers won’t (or can’t) come to a branch to apply or drop off documents. Can things be done online?

Applications: A new mortgage application can be submitted entirely online. One effective method of doing so would be to join your borrower for a phone call. While on the phone you can gather the borrower’s information and input it into the application. Please visit our application page, where you can select your financial institution and access a new loan application.

Documents: Borrowers can upload documents into their secure portal upon starting an application. If instead they submit documents directly to you and you have trouble getting them into the loan file, please ask your Servion representative for assistance. Faxed documents can also be received electronically if they are submitted with a fax cover sheet that corresponds with the loan file or if you submit them to your loan processor.

If you have a borrower who would like information about starting an application, contact your Servion representative and we can provide the help you need. 

Information on Title Closings

Residential title: Major changes to the closing process are underway for Minnesota partners/borrowers. Click here for full details and contact Anndrea Hart at or 651-787-9561 with any questions. Closings outside of Minnesota are not affected as of now.

Commercial title: As of March 27, 2020, commercial title closings are proceeding as usual. However, we are moving more toward escrow-style closings and performing most tasks remotely/online. We anticipate no client impact from this, as much of our business was performed this way already. Contact Melissa Page Boeshans at or 651-746-6399 with any questions. 

Information about Servion Realty and Servion Financial Advisors

Servion Realty: As of March 27, our Realtors® are still available as usual to work with any buyers and sellers. Click here for more information about how COVID-19 may affect open houses, working with a Realtor®, and other interactions. 

Servion Financial Advisors: As of March 27, our advisors remain available for appointments. We ask that you contact Ellie Meenan or Diane Rekuski prior to visiting our location or to schedule a meeting. 

Information about Servion Commercial Loan Resources

As of March 27, Servion Commercial Loan Resources continues to operate as normal and in accordance with all social distancing recommendations. Visit our commercial lending COVID-19 page for helpful information. 

General Information

For additional information about COVID-19, including status updates and information on protecting your health, we encourage you to visit the CDC’s website or your local health department’s website.

Beware of potential scams, including suspicious emails and phone calls directing you to donation websites or medical websites. Do not share your personal identifying information with such sites, as they may be operated by identity thieves. Verify the authenticity of any website before making a purchase or donation.