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COVID-19 Impacts on Minnesota Residential Title Closings

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As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to impact people and businesses locally, nationally and worldwide, Servion Title is adapting to the new environment in which we all live and work. As such, we have determined there is a need to make changes to the title closing process.

This information applies to Minnesota closings only. Please make your borrowers aware of the below closing process during your discussions with those who may be affected.

Updated October 13, 2020. Applies to all closings at The Servion Group's New Brighton location:

What You Need to Know
  • Face masks are still mandatory inside all Minnesota businesses. Therefore, everyone who enters our building must wear a mask. If you forget to bring one, we will provide one for you.
  • If you unable to wear a face mask, we will conduct a Curbside Signing. Details are below.
Regular closing procedures
  • Our building’s doors are now locked at all times. Please ring the doorbell and an employee will open the door.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available.
  • You will register as a visitor on an iPad in our lobby.
  • Signers will be directed to a designated room.
  • All documents will be in the room, prepared for signing, with clear markings indicating all places where signatures are needed.
  • A closer will not be in the same room, in order to abide by social distancing recommendations.
  • A closer will be on site and available to answer all questions and provide direction to signers.
  • After signing all documents, the signers will leave the room, a closer will enter and review the documents and provide final approval or take any necessary steps to correct errors.
  • Servion employees are wearing masks and thoroughly cleaning the room after each closing. Pens are discarded after each closing.

Curbside Signing Now Available!

To make closings as safe as possible, we now offer the option of Curbside Signing for closings taking place at the Servion Title building, located at 500 Main Street, New Brighton, MN! Please see this information sheet for all the details

Who May Attend Closing

Please be aware that only the required signers will be allowed to enter the building. No small children, relatives, or other non-signatories should attend.  If you must bring your children, we ask the one parent or guardian stay outside the building with them while the other signs, then switch. Realtors should not attend. We will wire funds or mail a check.

How long will this procedure be in place?

This procedure is in place indefinitely.


Contact Anndrea Hart, director of residential title, at or 651-787-9561.