Brock Miller

Quality Control Manager

Brock is an accomplished and driven financial services professional with a wealth of experience in the mortgage industry. With over a decade of expertise, Brock brings extensive knowledge to Servion in all facets of mortgage lending, including secondary operations, closing, post-closing, and origination. However, his true passion and main expertise lie within quality control.

As the Quality Control Manager at Servion, Brock leads our dedicated QC team and oversees the quality control workflow for both internal operations as well as a broad network of external mortgage partners. His team is responsible for ensuring compliance with guidelines and regulations, analyzing data, identifying nonconformance, and detecting as well as preventing trends.

Brock's role involves collaborating closely with our partners on their origination and servicing activities, providing valuable advice and training on all aspects related to quality control. Throughout his career, Brock has always prioritized quality, collaboration, and communication. He consistently seeks to understand the “why” and encourages his staff to possess a continuous improvement mindset.

Brock holds a degree in Leadership & Business Management from the University of St. Thomas, Opus College of Business. Outside of his professional endeavors, Brock enjoys spending time with his family, including his two beloved dogs Lady and Luca, and immersing himself in outdoor activities.