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Commercial lending has higher risk due to its size and complexity; it also requires expertise that’s costly to acquire. However, it also offers significant opportunities – when combined with solid underwriting and overhead expense management – to grow profitability.

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Our Services

Servion Commercial Loan Resources is a strategic partner for financial institutions in search of assistance in any area of business lending. Our services can be tailored to fit the unique needs of your institution – from facilitating growth to simplifying your commercial lending business.

Portfolio Servicing

  • We're a leading commercial loan servicer for community FIs
  • Full or tailored to fit your needs
  • Portfolio management and monitoring
  • Critical tracking systems for your collateral


  • Loan documentation preparation
  • In-house title services
  • Post-closing quality control

Loan Underwriting

  • Risk assessment to gain insight into credit quality
  • Identify and recommend proper loan structure
  • Highly experienced team of underwriters

Collateral Solutions

  • Commercial appraisal reviews and evaluations
  • Environmental reviews on Phase I and II environmental site assessments.
  • Third-party vendor engagement for commercial appraisals, Phase I/II ESAs, flood, and others.

Additional Services

  • Loan policy review and development
  • Migration assistance from ALLL to CECL
  • Portfolio auditing
  • And much more
Collateral Review


The Importance of Collateral Review in Commercial Lending

Chief Credit Officer Tony Lillie and Collateral Solutions Manager Janet Nelson explain why collateral review is such an important step in commercial real estate lending.

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Our Blog | Jun 17, 2024

Collateral Solutions - Your Commercial Lending Third-Party Solution

Discover how Collateral Solutions streamlines the commercial lending process with our comprehensive third-party services. From appraisals and environmental assessments to portfolio monitoring and collateral reviews, our nationwide team delivers quality, expertise, and innovation. Learn more in our detailed eBook from the Commercial Lending Resources team.

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Our Blog | Jan 19, 2024

Advantages of SBA Lending When Buying Commercial Real Estate

SBA lending offers significant advantages for commercial real estate (CRE) purchases. The SBA 7a program allows business owners to put as little as 0% down on projects, making it more financially feasible than conventional loans. Banks commonly provide 90% SBA financing, leveraging the 75% SBA guaranty to lower their risk. In case of default, the SBA's guaranty minimizes the financial institution's risk, resulting in a more favorable return on investment than conventional loans. This benefits borrowers by making CRE purchases more viable and retaining working capital for business growth. Overall, SBA lending combines reduced down payments with enhanced risk management for both borrowers and financial institutions.

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Our Blog | Jan 03, 2024

The Importance of SBA Lending in the Current Banking Environment

Unlock the potential of SBA lending with Total SBA, your trusted Lender Service Provider. Leverage the government-backed 75% guarantee, capitalize on liquidity advantages, manage interest rate sensitivity, and enhance risk mitigation. Discover how SBA loans positively impact your CAMELS rating.

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