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    Servion Lending Conference Rebranding to Fusion 24: New Location, New Energy, Enhanced Experience

    The annual Servion Lending Conference is rebranding as Fusion, promising innovation and enhanced value for attendees in the lending industry. Held at the JW Marriott at the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN, from November 6-8, 2024, Fusion will offer expanded program offerings, diverse discussions, and networking opportunities. With a focus on entertainment and fun, Fusion aims to set a new standard for industry events.


  • Partner Update Blog 2024

    The Servion Group's Partner Update - 2024

    Join us as we celebrate new alliances and applaud existing partners expanding their mortgage channels to enhance borrower service. Explore the journey with us and unleash the power of collaboration.


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    Financial Empowerment for Women: Navigating Life's Milestones with Confidence

    Unlock the path to financial empowerment for women at every stage of life. Navigate the distinctive financial hurdles and prospects from twenties to sixties. Whether seizing independence or crafting a legacy, our expert guidance ensures you thrive in every phase. Explore your financial journey and seize opportunities for empowerment at every age.


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    Finding Your Way: Life as a Realtor with Servion Realty

    Embark on a rewarding journey as a realtor with Servion Realty, where strategic collaborations with credit unions and a focus on nurturing client connections pave the path to lasting success in the dynamic world of real estate. With our supportive network and commitment to excellence, find your way to achieving your goals and thriving in this ever-evolving industry


  • Navigating The New Year Realty Blog

    Navigating the New Year: Exploring Real Estate Opportunities Amidst Expected Fed Rate Drops

    As we enter 2024, the real estate market faces potential shifts, notably with expected interest rate reductions by the Federal Reserve. Discover the potential impact of these changes on the real estate landscape for informed decision-making.


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    Advantages of SBA Lending When Buying Commercial Real Estate

    SBA lending offers significant advantages for commercial real estate (CRE) purchases. The SBA 7a program allows business owners to put as little as 0% down on projects, making it more financially feasible than conventional loans. Banks commonly provide 90% SBA financing, leveraging the 75% SBA guaranty to lower their risk. In case of default, the SBA's guaranty minimizes the financial institution's risk, resulting in a more favorable return on investment than conventional loans. This benefits borrowers by making CRE purchases more viable and retaining working capital for business growth. Overall, SBA lending combines reduced down payments with enhanced risk management for both borrowers and financial institutions.


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    The Importance of SBA Lending in the Current Banking Environment

    Unlock the potential of SBA lending with Total SBA, your trusted Lender Service Provider. Leverage the government-backed 75% guarantee, capitalize on liquidity advantages, manage interest rate sensitivity, and enhance risk mitigation. Discover how SBA loans positively impact your CAMELS rating.


  • Lowering Risk Sba

    SBA Loans: Lowering Risk & Increasing Profitability

    Leverage SBA loans to refinance existing debts, support business growth, and minimize risk. Convert challenges into opportunities with flexible financing solutions.


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    Three Reasons Why Lenders Should Make SBA Part of Their 2024 Strategic Plan

    The Small Business Administration (SBA) provides valuable programs that can boost a financial institution's capacity to assist business owners. The SBA 7(a) loan program is commonly employed to fund business acquisitions, debt refinancing, and for making improvements and covering working capital needs. Both borrowers and lenders can leverage this program to enhance liquidity, profitability, and manage risk effectively.


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    3 Common Types of Mortgage Loans

    Purchasing a home brings excitement, but dealing with the financial aspects may seem daunting. The reassuring news is that selecting from different loan types becomes more manageable with fundamental knowledge. Once you determine your affordable down payment and understand your credit score, discussing the ideal loan for your life with your lender becomes a more straightforward process.


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