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A message to mortgage applicants

Thank you all for your patience during this unprecedented time. For mortgage companies, the combination of the coronavirus crisis and increased application volume due to low interest rates has led to longer-than-normal turnaround times. We know you’d like things to move faster, and so do we.

Please know that our entire team – which we transitioned to remote work for their health and safety – is working diligently and working overtime to get you to the closing table. We’re actively engaged on all files, so even if you haven’t heard from us that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped working on it.

As you may know, getting a loan to the finish line involves various third parties – appraisers, title companies, county officials, and even your employer. We’ve experienced some delays in getting information from these third parties as everyone tries to cope with the impact of coronavirus on businesses. We’re working with all parties involved to keep moving things ahead as efficiently as possible given the situation.