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Buying or selling a house is a big deal. It’s also not something you do every day. That’s where the advice and guidance of an experienced, local Realtor® comes in. But what if you don’t know any Realtors? Finding the right one can take a long time. Now, Servion Realty takes the hassle out of your Realtor® search.

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Instead of spending hours trying to find an agent online, you can have a Servion Realty agent contact you.

Go2Source FAQ

What Is Go2Source?

Go2Source is a nationwide network of experienced real estate agents. The network is designed to connect you with a local agent. Go2Source is specifically aimed to help buyers who are members of credit unions or customers of community banks, as well as anyone looking to sell a home.

Who Are Go2Source’s Real Estate Agents?

Go2Source agents are usually part of a brokerage in your local area and they are typically very energetic and enthusiastic about helping people buy and sell houses. They participate in the network because we help them grow their business. Realtors must complete a rigorous interview and screening process before becoming part of the Go2Source network.

How Do Go2Source Agents Help Me?

Go2Source agents provide all the same services you would expect of any real estate agent, but with an emphasis on better communication, answering your questions and truly being an advocate during your purchase or sale.

If you’re a buyer, you can expect your Go2Source agent to:

  • Be from your local area.
  • Have expertise in the local market, knowledge of the community, provide information on schools in various neighborhoods, and be able to explain how the entire purchase process works so you can be fully informed when making decisions.
  • Communicate with you, make suggestions and always be there to help.
  • Negotiate effectively on your behalf.

If you’re a seller, you can expect your Go2Source agent to:

  • Provide market analysis to ensure you maximize your sales price.
  • Use the latest online marketing tools to post your listing.
  • Arrange showings and open houses.
  • Help you avoid the common pitfalls of selling a house.

Your Realtor® Search is Over

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