Mortgage Education

Loan officers at our partner credit unions told us some of the most common questions they receive from borrowers, and we responded by creating a library of educational materials that provide answers. Subscribers to the Servion Marketing Library can order these helpful materials, customized with your logo, and use them as a resource to give to borrowers who have questions about the mortgage process.

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Available Materials

3 Common Types of Mortgages


Who's Who in the Mortgage Process


5 Tips to Build Better Credit


What Goes Into a Mortgage Payment?


How PMI and Credit Scores Are Linked


Private Mortgage Insurance Explained


Homebuyer Guides

Buying a home is exciting, yet for most people it is also a time of uncertainty. After all, buying houses isn’t something that happens every day. This Homebuyer Guide, now available in four languages, is a practical, real-world guide explaining how people can prepare to buy a home and what to expect during the process. Order copies with your logo added and you’ll have a resource to provide your borrowers. They receive education, and you position yourself as a knowledgeable resource as they begin one of life’s biggest financial journeys.     

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