Realty Campaigns

We Understand the Reality of Realty.

[CONTENT] The Reality: Experts get it done faster, more efficiently, and with better value. Servion Realty has those experts. We’ll connect you with a Servion Realty Realtor® that can help you get started on your home search or begin preparing to sell your current home. 

You Don't Need a Realtor.

[CONTENT]  But, if you’d rather give all that responsibility to an expert, our friends at Servion Realty are just one click away. 

BACKGROUND CONTENT REPEATED: Neighborhoods, schools, and crime research. Housing data analysis. Real estate trends. Staying up-to-date on the latest listings. Organizing showings. Making competitive offers. Negotiating price. Signing large contracts with jargon-filled fine print. Ensuring confidentiality. Signing disclosures and addendums. Finding a trustworthy inspector and appraiser. Avoiding closing delays. 

Home Buying/Selling Seminar

[CONTENT]  Move in the right direction. Get the home buying/selling process started on the right foot - attend a free educational seminar!