Servion Contract Processing

Contract Processing & Closing

Improve the process of processing.

Many credit unions and community banks face challenges when it comes to loan processing. Do any of these issues sound familiar? 

Unpredictable mortgage volumes make staffing difficult. 

A processor goes on vacation or separates from the company, leaving you understaffed. 

You want to offer FHA/VA/USDA loans, but lack in-house government processing experience.

You struggle with organizing data - and keeping it organized. 

The Servion Group provides experienced processing and closing teams that meet your needs and are fully dedicated to helping you deliver an outstanding borrower experience. Our focus is on matching your business objectives and workflow.

How our contract processing team can help.

We’ll tailor our contract processing services to your specific needs. By becoming a Servion contract processing partner, you can have us perform tasks like these:



Title Work


Tax transcripts

Condo/association info


Email appraisal to borrower

Schedule closing

Disclose CD and obtain proof of delivery

Lock the loan

Gather Information

Proof of insurance


Verbal VOE

Additional documents for underwriting

Additional items for wholesale transactions

Do you want to provide borrowers with FHA, VA or USDA loans but don’t quite have the processing ability in-house? Or maybe you do offer these loans but struggle to manage varying volume. Servion is here to help. In addition to the services above, our wholesale contract processing services include:

  • Signing final 1003
  • Obtain certificate of eligibility (VA)
  • Order case number (FHA)

Want to learn more?

Contact us and we'd be happy to start a discussions about how we can help you! 

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