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Government Lending Programs Expand Your Market Reach

Serve more borrowers with government-backed mortgages.

Many credit unions and community banks want to reach more borrowers by offering government-backed home loans, but are held back by complex regulations, lack of processing experience or other factors. By partnering with Servion, you can easily expand into FHA, VA and USDA lending and start growing your business.

Features of government loans with Servion

FHA Loans

Lower down payment.

Down payment can come from a down payment assistance program or family member.

You earn up to 275 bps per file if using Wholesale channel.

Credit scores as low as 620 without increases to interest rate.

Up to 55 percent debt to income ratio.

Qualify even with limited credit history.

Non-owner-occupied co-borrower can be used for qualifying.

More lenient on credit and loan qualifying standards.

We service your borrower for the life of the loan.  


100 percent financing.

6 percent seller concessions.

640 credit score.

No reserves required.

Primary residence only.

Must meet property and income eligibility.

We service your borrower for the life of the loan.


100 percent financing.

4 percent seller concessions.

600 credit score.

No mortgage insurance.

Significantly lower fees to borrower.

Allows for higher debt-to-income ratios.

We service your borrower for the life of the loan. 


FHA & VA loans: Retail, correspondent, wholesale, and delegated  mortgage channels.

USDA loans: Retail, correspondent, and delegated mortgage channels.

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