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  • Lowering Risk Sba

    SBA Loans: Lowering Risk & Increasing Profitability

    Leverage SBA loans to refinance existing debts, support business growth, and minimize risk. Convert challenges into opportunities with flexible financing solutions.


  • 3 Reasons Sba Blog Image 2

    Three Reasons Why Lenders Should Make SBA Part of Their 2024 Strategic Plan

    The Small Business Administration (SBA) provides valuable programs that can boost a financial institution's capacity to assist business owners. The SBA 7(a) loan program is commonly employed to fund business acquisitions, debt refinancing, and for making improvements and covering working capital needs. Both borrowers and lenders can leverage this program to enhance liquidity, profitability, and manage risk effectively.


  • Three Common Types Of Mortgage Loans Blog Image 800X400

    3 Common Types of Mortgage Loans

    Purchasing a home brings excitement, but dealing with the financial aspects may seem daunting. The reassuring news is that selecting from different loan types becomes more manageable with fundamental knowledge. Once you determine your affordable down payment and understand your credit score, discussing the ideal loan for your life with your lender becomes a more straightforward process.


  • Whos Who In The Mortgage Process Blog Image 800X400

    Who's Who in the Mortgage Process?

    Embark on your homeownership journey encountering various mortgage and real estate experts—some in person, others via email or phone. Each plays a vital role in guiding you toward the entrance of your dream home.


  • What Goes Into A Mortgage Payment Blog 800 X 400 Px

    What Goes Into a Mortgage Payment?

    Monthly mortgage payments involve more than a loan repayment. They encompass Principal, Interest, Taxes, and Insurance (PITI), shaping your financial commitment.


  • Five Tips To Help Build Better Credit 800 X 400 Px

    5 Tips to Help Build Better Credit

    Building a financially stable life is akin to constructing a house; a solid foundation, including good credit, facilitates loan qualification, favorable interest rates, and better credit terms. Follow these five tips to enhance your credit score effectively.


  • Military Discount Blog Image

    Servion Title Salutes Our Troops: Military Discount for Home Transactions

    Servion Title salutes our military with a year-round $100 discount on closing costs for home buyers, sellers, and refinancers. We'll guide you through the process with top-quality service. Thank you for your service, and welcome to Servion Title!


  • Partner Update Blog Image

    The Servion Group's Partner Update - October 2023

    We're excited to extend a warm welcome to our latest partners and to celebrate our existing partners who are broadening their offerings through Servion.


  • The Cost Of Quality Coq In Mortgage Lending And Servicing

    Cost of Quality (COQ) in Mortgage Lending and Servicing

    The mortgage industry, subject to strict regulations, relies on quality control processes to meet standards. Cost of Quality (COQ) principles aid in cost reduction and improved service quality. Mortgage Quality Control (QC) detects and prevents errors and non-compliance in loan origination and servicing. This article explores COQ and its application in mortgage quality control.


  • Sue Woodard Blog Image

    A Survivor's Guide to Thriving in Today's Mortgage Business

    Day 1 of the 2023 Servion Lending Conference featured speaker Sue Woodard, a seasoned mortgage industry expert. Sue's engaging presentation drew parallels between survival shows and the ever-changing landscape faced by mortgage professionals post-refinance boom. She stressed the importance of taking proactive steps for success, introducing the "Seven Essential Elements for Survival This Year (and Beyond)." Explore her insights for navigating the evolving lending industry.


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