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January 2024

  • Navigating The New Year Realty Blog

    Navigating the New Year: Exploring Real Estate Opportunities Amidst Expected Fed Rate Drops

    As we enter 2024, the real estate market faces potential shifts, notably with expected interest rate reductions by the Federal Reserve. Discover the potential impact of these changes on the real estate landscape for informed decision-making.


  • Advantages Sba

    Advantages of SBA Lending When Buying Commercial Real Estate

    SBA lending offers significant advantages for commercial real estate (CRE) purchases. The SBA 7a program allows business owners to put as little as 0% down on projects, making it more financially feasible than conventional loans. Banks commonly provide 90% SBA financing, leveraging the 75% SBA guaranty to lower their risk. In case of default, the SBA's guaranty minimizes the financial institution's risk, resulting in a more favorable return on investment than conventional loans. This benefits borrowers by making CRE purchases more viable and retaining working capital for business growth. Overall, SBA lending combines reduced down payments with enhanced risk management for both borrowers and financial institutions.


  • Importance Of Sba

    The Importance of SBA Lending in the Current Banking Environment

    Unlock the potential of SBA lending with Total SBA, your trusted Lender Service Provider. Leverage the government-backed 75% guarantee, capitalize on liquidity advantages, manage interest rate sensitivity, and enhance risk mitigation. Discover how SBA loans positively impact your CAMELS rating.


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