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June 2023

  • Top Workplace Blog

    The Servion Group Wins Top Workplaces Awards

    Earning a Top Workplaces award serves as a powerful validation of the efforts an organization invests in building a positive workplace culture. Such recognition demonstrates that the company values and prioritizes its employees' well-being, engagement, and growth. It reinforces the notion that the organization has succeeded in fostering an environment where employees thrive, making it an attractive place for talented individuals to join and stay committed.


  • Leadership Values Blog

    The Power of Leadership Values: Employee Growth and Organizational Success

    Organizational values are often at the forefront of culture conversations, but what about the influence of individual leader’s values on employees and organizations?


  • Sagent Coming Soon Blog

    CARE: A Servion Mortgage servicing platform upgrade coming soon

    For borrowers, managing a mortgage can often feel like a daunting task. There are payments to make, documents to keep track of, and various other financial obligations to meet. Fortunately, Servion Mortgage’s servicing department is converting to third-party vendor Sagent’s online mortgage servicing platform called Care, which aims to simplify this process for borrowers (and you as their lender).


  • Mortgage Webinars Blog

    Servion Mortgage Training Webinars

    Servion Mortgage offers monthly webinars to help you gain deeper product and program knowledge to be the best resource for your borrowers.


  • 8 Financial Terms Blog

    8 Financial Terms You Need to Know

    As you start out in life, your finances can seem overwhelming. How can you start saving money? Taking out loans? Financing a house? Before you can set attainable goals for yourself, you must have a solid understanding of some basic financial terms. That's where we can help.


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