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August 2023

  • Top 10 Real Estate Terms

    Top 10 Real Estate Terms Sellers Should Know

    A little confused about real estate terminology? That’s okay. Understanding all the legalese is our job, not yours. But we still want you to feel confident during your home sale, so we’ve come up with easy-to-understand definitions for the top 10 real estate terms home sellers should know.


  • Common Home Buying Myths Blog

    Debunking Common Home Buying Myths: Making Informed Decisions

    Buying a home is a significant milestone that many aspire to achieve. However, misconceptions and myths can cloud the home buying process, leading potential buyers to believe that certain barriers stand in their way. At The Servion Group, we believe in empowering individuals and partners with accurate information to make informed decisions. Here, we aim to debunk some common home buying myths, such as the belief that a 20% down payment is mandatory and that a perfect credit score is an absolute requirement.


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